Keys to Success most asked questions answered here!


How did Keys to Success become the college and career readiness tool backed by the state of Utah? 

During the 2019 legislative session, Utah Futures was moved under the direction of Talent Ready Utah beginning July 2020. The Talent Ready Utah board, staffed by the Talent Ready Utah Center, conducted a RFP to identify the provider of the state online career guidance platform. State purchasing oversaw the RFP process and Keys to Success was identified as the best fit to provide this option for the state.  

Is Keys to Success the “new” Utah Futures? 

While Keys to Success is also a college and career readiness tool, it is not a “new” version of Utah Futures. Keys to Success was established in 2004 and has been in Utah high schools ever since. The program has evolved as students’ needs have changed. The state of Utah values the tools and autonomy provided by Keys to Success and has decided to provide additional support to the program so it can be available statewide. 


What is the Keys to Success Model? 

Keys to Success is student driven! A student will create a Keys to Success account and pick their top 5 career interests. Keys to Success takes their career choices and provides them with CTE pathways, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. By exploring through all the opportunities Keys to Success provides, students can redeem points for Keys to Success prizes!  

Whom can I contact if I have more questions about Keys to Success? 

  • If you are a student or counselor, you can ask your school’s Key Contact! A list of Key Contacts can be found here.  

  • If you are a community user, you can get ahold of us through our contact page here.  

  • For all other inquiries, please fill out the Keys to Success general contact form here. 


What can I do with my Keys to Success account?  

The purpose of the Keys to Success App is to help you unlock your future and connect you with scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities. As you are matched with opportunities within your identified career interests, you gain points for awesome rewards. You can track your progress, navigate career pathways, receive push notifications, and use additional tools like College Planning Resources, ACT Prep, and FASFA Help. 

How do I earn points? 

You earn points by logging in weekly, completing the monthly Master Keys, and applying for internships, opportunities, and scholarships.  


I applied for a scholarship, but I did not get the points for it. What should I do?  

25 points are only awarded by applying for the Keys to Success scholarships specific to your school, which are only available for seniors.  

Do my points expire? 

Yes, points expire at the end of the school year on June 30. After June 30, your points will reset to 0. Make sure you redeem them before the school year ends! 

How I do get my prize? 

When you redeem your points for the prize of your choosing, the prize will be mailed out to you.  

I am a senior this year, will I lose access to my Keys to Success account after I graduate from high school?  

The great thing about the Keys to Success program is that you can still access all the resources and tools after graduation. Graduates are also able to view the Department of Work Force Job Board through their account.  

I am having trouble accessing my Keys to Success account, what should I do? 

Reach out to us through our contact page and we will help you get back into your account.   

It says my account needs to be approved. What does that mean? 

Your Keys to Success account will need to be approved by your school’s administrator. Once they approve your account, you will be able to redeem your points for prizes. 



As a parent, how can I become involved with the Keys to Success app? 

When students add a parent’s email address upon creating a Keys to Success account, parents receive a monthly email of their student’s progress.  

Can I upload scholarships and opportunities that my company offers?  

Yes, by creating a community account you can upload scholarships, internships, and other opportunities to the Keys to Success App.  

How do I view all the opportunities available to my student?  

On the Keys to Success website, we have a public database to view the scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities available in the Keys to Success app to all students.  

What can my student access after they graduate high school? 

Your student will still have access to their Keys to Success account after high school, their prizes board will be replaced with a job board powered through the Department of Workforce Services. 



How do I create a counselor account? 

At each school, there is a Key Contact that oversees the program. Reach out to your school’s Key Contact to create a counselor account for you. A list of Key Contacts can be found here. 

What can I do with my counselor account?  

As a counselor you can view your students’ specific career pathways and their personalized notifications based off their career interests. You can upload school specific scholarships, internships, and career opportunities. You can send out notification reminders about deadlines, parent nights, and more!  

I am a middle school/jr. high school counselor. How can my students use Keys to Success? 

Students can login as guest users to see all content in the app, explore careers, CTE pathways, scholarships, and resources. Currently middle/jr. high school students cannot create an account, but still have access to all the information the program holds.  

How do I view the resources that are available to my students? 

On the Keys to Success website, we have a public database to view the scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities available in the Keys to Success app to all student here. We also have a list of student and counselor resources here

Can I upload school specific opportunities for only my students to see? 

Yes. When you log into your counselor account, you can upload scholarships, internships, and other opportunities that only your students can view. You can also refine the opportunities by specific career interests.  

What resources are available to my students?  



Who is my audience on the Keys to Success App?  

The Keys to Success program has 3 types of users. Middle school, high school, and adult users. As a community partner you can engage with all these users, and can target your audience, depending on the opportunity.  

How do I create a Community Account? 

You can create a Community Account here. A training manual is included with step by step instructions. 

I created a Community Account, what can I post on the Keys to Success App? 

You can post scholarships, internships, and other opportunities that are applicable to high school students.  

What can I not post on the Keys to Success app? 

Students love the Keys to Success app because the opportunities are credible, real, and engaging. Please do not upload advertisements or offers not relevant to middle school, high school, and/or adult users. The Keys to Success team will approve each opportunity before it gets sent to users.  

Will my opportunities only be viewed by high school students? 

No, your opportunities will be viewed by middle school and adult users. You can tailor your opportunities to middle school, high school, and/or adult users.  

Can I view a list of students that are interested in my organization? 

Yes! The great thing about the Keys to Success App is that as a community partner, you can access a list of students who have shown interest in your opportunities.  

If I have any questions regarding my Community Account, who can I contact? 

For all inquiries, please fill out the Keys to Success contact form here.